In 2012, paratroopers made more than 150 thousand parachute jumps
With the end of the calendar year in the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces), the final results of the annual plan for landing personnel and military equipment from airplanes and helicopters…

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piss first
The main parachute "Sirocco" company "SKYLARK"
The rapid development of swoop forces manufacturers of parachute equipment to raise the level of technical excellence of their products. When developing this dome, almost all the comments of experienced…

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Wingsuit - Free Aeronautics
Since ancient times, man dreamed of flying, and even with the advent of airplanes, the relevance of the ancient desire has not diminished. But the world is constantly improving, and…

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loose open membranes

The parachute braking system for the T-50 aircraft confirmed the characteristics during the tests

During the flight tests of the 5th generation fighter T-50, the Sukhoi company checked the parachute braking system created for this aircraft, Dmitry Tretyakov, Director General of the Parachute Research Institute (part of the Rostec holding), told reporters on Monday. Continue reading

An updated section of the metal production workshop of JSC Flight was opened in Ivanovo

In mid-May, the opening of a new high-tech galvanic section of the metal production workshop of the Ivanovo Parachute Plant “Polet” was launched as part of a technical re-equipment project.

According to the general director of JSC Flight, Julia Portnova Ivanovo Parachute Plant, in 2016, as part of a large-scale project on technical re-equipment, the enterprise completed the modernization process. Continue reading

First Jump Preparation: Beginner Outfit

At first glance, a beginner expects a lot of difficulties in parachuting. In fact, everything is far from being as difficult as it seems. We will try to answer the most common questions that you may have after making a decision to test your strength in a jump. So:
What to wear?
• Wear special sports equipment, and if you don’t have one yet, you can restrict yourself to just comfortable casual clothes suitable for the weather conditions of a particular day.
• If you are going to change clothes before training, take a pair of trousers and a comfortable turtleneck or sweater with a long sleeve (but without a hood!) To wear them for jumping. Continue reading

Beginner Tips - Low U-Turn (part 3)
Acceleration using the front free ends has a number of important advantages compared to turning the brakes. Acceleration with the help of the front free ends accelerates the dome, and…


The main parachute "Segment"
The main “Segment” parachute is a 7-section dome designed for acrobatics (rotation and rebuilding). The dome “Segment” is made of fabric with zero breathability (ZP, Gelvenor Textiles), equipped with slings…


Skydiving canopy piloting
Dome Acrobatics (canopy RW, CRW, CReW) In this type of parachuting, athletes build various figures in the sky and perform rebuilding with an already opened parachute. At the same time,…