How to survive parachute failure
Former British Army instructor Emil Chillier found guilty of attempted murder of his wife Victoria. He intentionally damaged her parachute, but the woman survived, although she broke her bones. How…

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The largest parachute production in Russia was opened in the city of Kirzhach, Vladimir Region
Parachute factory with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters. m, designed to produce more than 2 thousand parachutes for military and civilian use per year, opened on the basis…

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The latest D-12 parachute system is ready for state trials
Kirzhach, Vladimir region. Honored parachutist - tester Vladimir Nesterov, who has more than twelve thousand jumps behind him, will test the innovative D-12 parachute system. The new parachute, designed for…

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The main parachute “Sirocco” company “SKYLARK”

The rapid development of swoop forces manufacturers of parachute equipment to raise the level of technical excellence of their products. When developing this dome, almost all the comments of experienced swoopers that occurred when piloting parachutes of a similar class were taken into account.

Firstly, it is the inherent diagonal parachutes excessive rigidity during deployment.
In contrast to them, “Cirocco” has a soft filling that is well controlled by the rear free ends both at the maximum opening speed and when opening “under the tail”. Specially for the Cirocco, an original system of a removable slider was developed, which allows you to very quickly disconnect it with just one hand.
Secondly, a further increase in acceleration speed on the swoop has always been hindered by forces at the front free ends increasing from overloads, which did not allow the pilot to clearly control the alignment path.
The new shape of the profile and the optimal installation angle of the Cirocco significantly reduced these efforts throughout the entire swoop. Thanks to this, the efficiency of the rear free ends up to the lowest flight speeds has also increased.
Thirdly, a large number of sections of the diagonal parachute always worsened its load-bearing properties in the lower modes.
“Sirocco” brakes use energy very efficiently to accelerate, which significantly increases the length of the super distance and allows you to keep the scope of the dome to a complete stop.
The main feature of Cirocco is the use of small air intakes and a combined arrangement of intermediate and diagonal ribs in the form of 30 sections, which markedly improved the aerodynamic cleanliness of the outer surface. This constructive solution, together with high geometric elongation, elliptical shape in plan and end stabilizers of a special cut, made it possible to minimize the profile and inductive resistance of the Cirocco to an extremely low level!

It is recommended to use “Cirocco” on downloads in the range of 1.9–2.6 psi. The most effective download range for competitions is 2.2-2.5 psi. Base areas: 64, 68, 72, 77, 82, 87, 93, 99, 106, 114 and 124 sq. Ft.

“Sirocco” is equipped with thin slings of the type HMA-350 or HMA-400 to choose from. To maintain safety margins for pilots with high weight, it is recommended for the Cirocco with an area of ​​87-124 sq. Ft. Use slings of type HMA-400. The main control link is made of slings of the type HMA-950 and initially has a length configured for swoop. Given that slings of this type require more frequent inspection, they are equipped with protective bumpers. “Cirocco” is made of parachute fabric of zero air permeability with polyurethane impregnation.

In the basic configuration of the Cirocco, you can choose a standard slider with a collapse or a patented system of a removable slider with a bridle and a rotating connector. Both sliders are equipped with steel eyelets. The kit also includes 4 softlinks.

For “Cirocco” it is recommended to use only a collapsed sling jellyfish from ZP fabric with a diameter of not more than 700 mm. Cirocco has a sling adjustment optimized for different pilots, so with an increase in area it is advisable to have the corresponding length of the free ends – from 500 mm for 64 square feet. up to 600 mm for 124 sq. feet. For Cirocco, the standard ProPack is recommended.

U-Turn Physics under the Dome (part 2)
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Russian paratroopers set a new world record
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