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BASE FAQ, or why not jump (part 2)
4. Q: so what to jump on? Here I have a Radar, it seems to open quickly ... A: ... if at all opens. The BASE system has 3 great…

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Beginner Tips - Low U-Turn (part 1)
Starting from the very first jumps, skydivers are taught that a low U-turn is one of the main causes of parachuting accidents. When turning, the vertical speed increases, and when…

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The main parachute "Sirocco" company "SKYLARK"
The rapid development of swoop forces manufacturers of parachute equipment to raise the level of technical excellence of their products. When developing this dome, almost all the comments of experienced…

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How to make money on parachuting (part 5)

There are among Ukrainian craftsmen and craftsmen specializing in the manufacture of accessories, especially helmets and overalls. However, according to Mikhail Alekseenko, such productions cannot be called full-fledged: “Most of the craftsmen carry out orders from case to case, none of them have a stable number of orders, and the production of the same helmets is only a side job for them, which is not the main income.” Continue reading

How to make money on parachuting (part 4)

The fact is that the seller of parachute equipment itself must be a well-known and experienced skydiver, with at least 1000 jumps behind it. Since the seller is indirectly responsible for customer safety: for example, there are several companies whose products Alexey strongly does not recommend buying. “To sell a very fast parachute to a very famous and respected Western company to an inexperienced skydiver means to send him to a hospital bed or to the morgue,” Mr. Sharadkin is convinced, “it is the seller who must evaluate the adequacy of the choice of a paratrooper to his experience. Continue reading

How to make money on parachuting (part 3)

Trade is the engine of progress

Creating a full-fledged dropzone with all the infrastructure is just one of the ways to make money by passion for parachuting. It is much easier to organize a business selling various divers parachute equipment and accessories to skydivers. Opening a store will cost significantly less than the construction of an airfield. But the cost of the full equipment of a professional parachutist can reach $ 10 thousand. Continue reading

How to make money on parachuting (part 2)

In Soviet times, two categories of the population parachuted: the military and athletes. After the collapse of the USSR, funding for sports clubs that formed the reserve of the airborne forces gradually stopped. The Defense Assistance Society of Ukraine (OSOU), the successor of DOSAAF, could not help ASK, which were unprofitable. More or less stable work of dropzones was resumed only in 2000, when the Ukrainian middle class showed interest in skydiving. Wealthy audience pulled to extreme. Continue reading

In 2012, paratroopers made more than 150 thousand parachute jumps

With the end of the calendar year in the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces), the final results of the annual plan for landing personnel and military equipment from airplanes and helicopters of military transport aviation have been summed up.

In 2012, over 150 thousand parachute jumps were made by airborne personnel. Of these, about 115.5 thousand paratroopers performed from An-2 aircraft and military transport helicopters, and almost 38 thousand jumps from heavy military transport aircraft Il-76. Continue reading

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GVA officers are studying in the Ryazan center of the airborne airborne parachute system "Crossbow-1" and "Crossbow-2"
More than 100 officers and instructors of the airborne service from all formations of the Russian Airborne Forces take part in a training camp for the study and practical development…


Funnel in the snow
Can a man slow down his fall? Yes, says Professor Bjornstig. If you fall flat, stretching your legs and arms as wide as possible, the top speed will be about…


Skydiving: Truth and Fiction
Parachuting is one of the most extreme that a person could come up with. Very few decide on a parachute jump - and only a few, having decided on a…