The main parachute "Accurate"
The main Accurate parachute is a 7-section canopy, of a classic rectangular shape, designed for jumping on landing accuracy. The prototype for the creation of this dome was the famous…

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BASE FAQ, or why not jump (part 2)
4. Q: so what to jump on? Here I have a Radar, it seems to open quickly ... A: ... if at all opens. The BASE system has 3 great…

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Varieties of parachuting
Parachuting requires the athlete's skills to perform a free fall with various acrobatic elements, a controlled descent and an exact smooth landing. The times when the equipment of a paratrooper…

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Skydiving canopy piloting

Dome Acrobatics (canopy RW, CRW, CReW)

In this type of parachuting, athletes build various figures in the sky and perform rebuilding with an already opened parachute. At the same time, the paratrooper must have a special technique of docking and separation from other athletes, high individual skill and great experience. Competitions are held in several variations:

4-way rotation – a team of 4 people is given 30 s to build the maximum number of arbitrary figures;
4-way rebuilding differs from rotation in that the figures for the construction are pre-selected by lot;
8-way building – a team of 8 people must build a figure set by the judges in a minimum of time.
All this is recorded by the videographer, on the basis of which the judges evaluate them.

Precision canopy

One of the oldest types of parachuting is that a parachutist should land as accurately as possible at a previously marked location. If 60 years ago, 80 meters of error when hit in a hundred-meter target circle was considered a good result, now at competitions paratroopers get their heels into a small electric target sensor.

Speed ​​landing (swoop)

The athlete’s main goal in this type of parachuting is to make the longest horizontal flight along the ground at the highest speed until the landing. The speed when approaching the ground can reach 100 km / h, and the height is less than 1 m. This is the most dangerous of all types of skydiving, and injuries of athletes occur in almost every competition.

As for Ukraine, most of the competitions in parachuting are held for precision landing and individual acrobatics.

The Russian Armed Forces team became the best at the Parachuting Championship in Indonesia
In Indonesia, the 38th SIZM Parachute World Championship ended. Our servicemen have once again proved that they have no equal not only on earth, but also in the sky! The…


U-Turn Physics under the Dome (part 1)
I hope that my comments above will help the reader to understand what happens during the U-turn. In short, both types of U-turns lead to an increase in vertical and…


The largest parachute production in Russia was opened in the city of Kirzhach, Vladimir Region
Parachute factory with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters. m, designed to produce more than 2 thousand parachutes for military and civilian use per year, opened on the basis…