Beginner Tips - Low U-Turn (part 1)
Starting from the very first jumps, skydivers are taught that a low U-turn is one of the main causes of parachuting accidents. When turning, the vertical speed increases, and when…

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piss first
7-section precision parachute Malva-24SK
Appointment The parachute sports system "Malva-24SK" is designed to perform all types of jumps both by individual athletes - paratroopers, and groups of parachutists from airplanes and helicopters designed to…

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The three-dome parachute system was first introduced at Innoprom
The Technodinamika holding of the Rostec State Corporation at the Innoprom-2016 forum for the first time demonstrates a reduced copy of a mock parachute system designed for the safe landing…

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Russian paratroopers set a new world record

In the sky above Kolomna, Moscow Region, parachutists from the Pearls of Russia team set a new world record for jumping in large formations, surpassing their own achievement in 2012. More than 100 paratroopers gathered a beautiful and complex figure in the sky, which was an absolute achievement in the “large formations” class.

Records in female formations historically belonged to Russians: figures from 38, 53, 70 participants were collected by the efforts of Russian paratroopers. But in 2011, Germans gathered a record living design: the judges recorded a figure of 84 people.

The record lasted a year – in 2012, Russian paratroopers gathered the 88-way formation. The figure had three sectors, in the colors of the Russian flag: white, blue and red. And in 2013, the 101 mark obeyed us.

This was the result of an incredibly complex work for each “pearl”, especially since this year the record was an event rather sad than joyful.

Team without a leader

The organizers decided to set or not set a record back in the winter. The captain of the “blue sector” Ala Veselova called me and asked if I could participate. Although, rather, the question was not so: will we be able to assemble a team this year? Everyone who participated in 2011, when we did not collect the record, and in 2012, when instead of 100 people we managed to collect only 88, knew very well how difficult it would be. Female formations are more complex than general ones; this is due to both technological nuances and psychological ones.

But the point is not even in these trifles, but in the fact that almost three months after the 88-way record was set, the captain of the Pearl of Russia team Irina Sinitsina died. She has been a soul, the main organizer and leader of women’s records since 2006. Formations of 38, 53, 70 people – all this is her hard work. Of course, she dreamed of a hundred. Will we make a hundred without her? Who will take on the entire organization, the material part and the work with the participants, each of whom has a character, family, children, work?

To set a record without a strong leader is a huge risk and an almost hopeless affair. But Ira’s friends and captains of the sectors she herself appointed last year decided not to back down. A huge work began on July 8 at the Aerograd flying club near Kolomna near Moscow. 130 participants, along with spare ones, pilots and parachute stowers, ground services and jump organizers, were all set to conquer a new peak.

A couple of training days, jumping in groups of 40-60 people, after which attempts to set a record begin.

Five planes fly a hundred girls, 20 people on each side plus air operators who will help the judges make sure that the figure is assembled and fix the record. In parachuting, in its other disciplines, the plane leaves at an altitude of up to 4000 meters. Large formations are an exception, here the height can be 5 kilometers or even more. The greater the height, the more time will be for it to collect a figure in the air. The first attempts, which began on July 10, pass from a height of 5150 meters. About a minute is to set a record.

The first attempt is unsuccessful: the formation is falling apart, plainly and not gathered. But the second attempt gives us all great hope: the figure lies well and almost-almost stable, only a few grabs are missing. The picture is so optimistic that there is no doubt – a couple more jumps, and there will be a record!

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